~ Home is the place for us to feel most nurtured, and we all deserve to live beautifully. 

The Curated Home is a division of the Stephenson Realty Group, providing interior design services, furniture, upholstery, lighting, bedding, home decor, accessories, window and wall coverings. The Calgary based company is a long-time labour of love for its Co-Founder & Principal Designer, Jenn Stephenson who believes deeply in the capacity of our homes to nourish, comfort and uplift us.  Infusing her love of home and interior design, a successful 20 year career in residential real estate & homebuilding, and Jenn’s contagious passion for the importance of surrounding ourselves with things that provide us beauty, comfort and meaning is at the heart of The Curated Home, and our exclusiveCurati Collection‘.

Jenn and her dynamic and talented team of collaborators understand the interior design process can often feel overwhelming and intimidating. The intention behind our menu of Interior Design Services, our online and retail design studio boutiques is to inject simplicity, joy and meaning into the design, furniture & home decor buying processes.  In addition to our exclusive ‘Curati Collection’ of custom designed and exclusively manufactured furniture and home decor pieces, we have meticulously sourced unique, impeccably designed, exceptionally well-made bedding, fabrics, furniture, home decor, lighting, accessories, etc. from artisans and manufacturers from around the world. Exquisite linens from Belgium, France and Italy, stunning candles from Denmark, cozy wool throws from Ireland, triple-milled soaps from Hungary, and Canadian designed and manufactured upholstered and wood furnishings to name a few.

At The Curated Home we believe home is the place for us to feel most nurtured, and we all deserve to live beautifully. So whether you are looking to refurnish your living room, add linen draperies to your dining room, have custom pillows and bedding made for your bedroom, or looking for the perfect accessories for your home, we’ve got you covered!

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