Over the last 21+ years we’ve been in Real Estate, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of talented people and small business owners. Whether it be photographers, graphic designers, printers or florists we choose to work with, or the mortgage lending partners, lawyers, property inspectors, movers or preferred trades & suppliers we refer our clients to, our approach has always been to support exceptional local talent & small businesses whenever possible.

So it is with great joy that we announce the expansion of our Stephenson Realty Group offerings to include home décor & interior design services from renowned inner city design boutique, The Heather Company.
Known for her elegant taste, overall warmth, and talent for assisting friends, family & clients with home building, design and decorating processes, many of you may also know of Jenn’s long held passion for interior design. Over the past year, Jenn has been actively exploring her love of interior design & home décor in addition to her key partnership role in our real estate business.
Initially starting out with a part-time position at the Pottery Barn, to attending design courses through both Mount Royal University and SAIT, Jenn has recently transitioned into a joy-filled apprenticeship with delightful Heather Co. design duo of Heather Draper and Janel Magnaye. This exciting expansion of services is both a natural extension of our growth & evolution, an opportunity to provide you, our valued clients, with exceptional real estate services, and our continued desire to support extraordinary business owners.
Stay tuned over the coming weeks, as we share the specifics of the interior design services & home decor items available to you through The Heather Company, and profile the interior design boutique’s owner, Heather Draper and The Heather Co. team!