I was introduced to The Heather Company in the Fall of 2015 while out furniture shopping for the new home Jeff and I were in the process of building. Like almost everyone who inevitably becomes a client of boutique, I had driven by countless times over the years, always intending on going in. I’d long admired the overall look of the boutique (those seasonal planters flanking the front doors, the fantastic window displays). I felt if the outside were any indication, The Heather Company would be welcoming, approachable and focused on the beautiful, personal & often custom details that turn a house into a home. My instinct was correct! Immediately upon entering the boutique, my eyes were drawn to these stunning Designer’s Guild pillows… and THAT is where it all began!

My first impressions of Heather and The Heather Co. team were of how knowledgeable, passionate and effortless the process was. The creative juices (aka all those beautiful fabric books) were quickly flying, with Heather & her team seamlessly honing in on our tastes, personality, furniture and home décor needs. They subsequently put together a thoughtfully designed & executed plan for our home, confirming timelines, budgets etc. and working collaboratively with us throughout our build and subsequent move-in.

Jeff & I just enjoyed our second Christmas in our new home, and we are as in love with the custom draperies, pillows, bar stools, area rugs, dining room chair fabric, table lamps & artwork we worked with Heather on as the day we first purchased them.  It continues to be a pleasure coming home every day and experiencing those initial visceral reactions of joy, calm and connection to the beautiful, meaningful things within our home. THAT is what working with a talented designer like Heather & The Heather Co. team does for clients! Truly listening, passionately collaborating and skillfully creating memorable, timeless spaces for clients. Seeing the big picture, understanding it often starts with two exceptional pillows or beautiful new bedding, and ultimately ends months and years later with beautiful, inspired, layered homes that reflects clients’ tastes, personalities and life experiences. It doesn’t get any better than that!

It’s also one of the reasons I’m delighted to be a part of The Heather Co. design team, where every Tuesday and Friday you will find me getting my joy on as an Interior Stylist at the boutique. I’d love for you to come by and experience for yourself the magic being created and shared here!

  • Jenn Stephenson, Client & Interior Stylist at The Heather Company