We love a good read! Fall has officially arrived so it seems especially fitting to share a book recommendation that warrants cuddling in under a cozy blanket with a big mug of your favourite tea, to simply ENJOY!

The Kinfolk Home by Nathan Williams is both a beautifully photographed and soulfully written book, espousing a philosophy we’ve long believed: “A home isn’t just a physical structure, but also a structure of our beliefs…a sanctuary, a place to disconnect from the outside world and engage in the things that make us happy.” Our homes and the things within them should tell our stories, exhibit our values, share our adventures and display our histories. I know for Jeff and I, home is the place we feel most peaceful, relaxed, welcomed, comforted, uplifted and inspired. Despite (and perhaps arguably even because) of the many homes and cities we’ve lived in, the four walls we call ‘home’,  as well the people and each one of the ‘things’ inside those four walls matters deeply to us and carries significant personal meaning.

Does YOUR HOME tell YOUR STORY? Have you considered the things that bring you the most joy, fulfillment, pleasure? Are you surrounded by those things in your own home? Consider for a moment living in places, surrounded by things that are thoughtfully selected and represent more than just decoration. Homes that not only enrich our lives aesthetically, but are also full of meaning. It’s an inspiring truth this book very thoughtfully explores.