Our latest must share book is ‘A Frame For Life’ by renowned British Designer & Studioilse Founder, Ilse Crawford. Both a stunning showcasing of the influential designer’s body of work and a brilliant articulation of philosophies for design and living. You will definitely want to have a notebook close by for this one. Take your time soaking in this beautiful book, and we hope you ENJOY it as much as we did!

“Home is so much more than bricks and mortar. It is a such an interesting construct. On the one hand, it is a receptacle to house objects and people. And on the other, it is a living thing; constantly in flux, as changeable as the people that live in it and a vessel for so many different activities. Home is a practical way to weave our many emotional needs into daily life…Home is a place to do the ordinary things. It is a place to be ourselves and to channel our better selves – to create well being, connection, warmth – and to draw attention to the small rituals and gestures that give life meaning and value. Home is also a kind of melting pot. It’s a place where the things that matter can come together. A safe house where the occupants’ characters converge. And where all the diverse parts of an individual converge.”

~ Ilse Crawford